Suggestions, Approvements

Suggestions, Approvements

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Unfortunately the number of active players on ArgusWoW is low and furthermore hasn’t improved significantly since we, my guild started. We are actively raiding and pushing Mythic+ keys, have been active since february 2020. I’m writing this to communicate our opinion on a couple of changes that we consider necessary to be addressed for improvement, before any advertisement takes place.

Website: not up to date and lacking advertisement of features:

Example: Winter Event + Character transfer migration and character boost
  • To this date (18.04.2021) there is nothing on Winter Events, while Discord has some announcements it’s also incomplete (Events Boss Far’aj no information). Even if Discord would have all information, not everyone has discord or will sign-up to the forum (no link), so information redundency is nesserary on website for these players.
  • Potential new players often have been active on other servers in the past and do not want to start all over again. We ourselves only had started playing on Arguswow because we knew that high level starting characters existed, with migration option.
  • This Information can now be found on discord, but as I said before not everyone uses Discord. Homepage should have a F.A.Q.

  • websiteA.jpg
  • That’s the screen if someone visits the website. Arguably a lot of space lost for a picture…You need to scroll a lot to find the Project News and if you do, they are out of date or clipping through. The dates are not always readable. Right side column is pretty empty.
  • "Broken" Ladder System on Website, No PvE Ladder (You have a amazing Mythic+ System, show it :))
  • The Control Panel has a working Rating/Ladder, building it into the Website would be desirable.
  • Different Download options depending on language: If I use the english version of the website I can download the Launcher, with german I only get torrents, I don’t know why it is but it certainly is confusing.
  • Logins dont get saved over cookies, players need to login everytime. And let's be real here most of us are to lazy even for that with saved login information :whistle:

Character Boost (Argusx100)


  1. For some reason there is a lv100 boost with starter gear. Sounds good once you realise that you can’t use the starter gear, lv101 required. A player with that boost needs to do 1lvl without any gear. It’s just unnessary and I personaly consider that incompetents. Just make the character boost lv101 or give usably starter gear.
  2. Finding the boost: if you create a new account and login the first time, the player gets to the character creation. The player creates his char and he is lv1, and with some luck he see’s the template bottom left corner. Kinda annoying, best would be to inform the player about the templace choice, under a F.A.Q.
  3. Why boost is important -> After the starter zone, players will over level quick without any gear, which can lead to a poor expierence. Players that are beginners will and got "stuck" in the past. Simplified solution -> boost activ at all time for the first character, lv101 + ilvl680 gear and 1000gold. (Fly Mount etc)
  4. Quest “Legion Returns”, I know that one is the players fault, but If possible add this quest to the Questlog for boosted characters, can’t even remember how often I had to tell players, how and where to get that quest to start Legion

Character Transfer/Migration/Crossserver

  • Accept transfer on crossrealm servers. I can transfer my charakter to Uwow, but not from Uwow to Argus. Many english speaking uwow players asked me over time to join in my guild. But the only option for them would be to completely start over. On the contrary every player of ArgusWow can switch to Uwow, which happened and will happen in the future too, hard to blame them seeing the population.
    • Donation/Refund NPC, another reason to switch or not to start here:
      • This is bugging us, uwow has a working refund npc that also worked for ArgusWoW. It is a expensiv refund of losing 30% but atleast the option was there. With no further information the npc’s got blocked for us. It is irritating to say the least, that uwow has such a simple and importend service, and we (arguswow) are not allowed to change our mind or correct simple mistakes. Accommodating behavior from the server administration regarding that topic, is my wish.

More Whishes and Gold spending options:
The auction house
  • the cross-realm-auctionhousem, so that a new player would see massive amount of auctions. This takes developing time and also not good for servers that have different drop/gold rates.
  • Other options could server-side Bots that fill the auction house (I advise against it)
  • Build in a NPC selling stuff for gold, like the bloodtrader in Dalaran but for gold until a certain population is reached.
  • Blackmarket could be implemented selling some mounts etc. giving players a reason to stack gold.

First let's agree that a player without his Artifact Weapon, can't play Legion-Content. Servers I played in the past simple never scripted Artifact-Quests, so we should appreciated them. But how, to many bugs are poping up for this very importent quest category. I have encountered myself atleast four (Druid: Guardian & Restoration, Priest: Shadow & Disci, Paladin: Protection) and I am only playing these 3 classes. I would have quit. Some are easy to go around, abandon quest, log off, delete cache and start again. Other's are just increasing your bloodpressure, I am quite patient but I can tell you if I started with Druid I would have quit.​
Over the time I saw problems for Monk: Windwalker, Mage: Fire/Frost/Arcane, Rogue: Assassination, Warrior: Protection​
I don't know if it is a client issue, as there are bugs only on english localisazion clients (respawn beacon), nonetheless never should a legion-server have trouble giving players their artifact weapons.​

Everything described are thoughts, expierences and my personal opinions that passed through my mind, that were brought up in discussions in the past months, year. I hope my suggestions are helpful, I know that it is easier to just name “solutions” then actualy to carry them out, and also that there exist a lot of other issues that require time and work.
Nonetheless it is my belief, my conviction, that atleast some of the named points need more then just consideration.

With best regards,
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