Template: file an appeal

Template: file an appeal

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If you think your punishment was unfair, please submit a request to review your punishment. If you received an automatic ban from an anti-cheat, then such punishments are not subject to appeal and are not considered, delete the cheats on your computer and do not use them in the future.

Follow this pattern when creating your theme:
Write a login or email account
2. Write the nickname of the character
3. Tell us how it was, if you are aware of the situation for which you were banned. State your position constructively, without unnecessary emotions. If you agree with the ban, but want to reconsider the punishment, then give us a good reason to reconsider the blocking.
4. If necessary, send links to screenshots or video confirming your innocence.

After checking the data, the Administration will make a decision either to remove the blocking, or to continue the punishment.
If the decision is positive, the block / mutation will be removed from the account; if the revision of the punishment is refused, everything will remain unchanged.
The term for consideration of applications is up to 3 days.
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В этой теме нельзя размещать новые ответы.

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