Vacancy: Game Master

Vacancy: Game Master


Hello dear users of project!
We are looking for employees for the position of game master. The role of the game master is to help the players, enforce the rules and make sure that their stay on the server is as pleasant as possible. The duties listed below will help you get an idea of the job ahead, you can find out more at the interview.


  • Working with the ticket system inside the game, answering players 'questions, solving players' problems.
  • Communication with other server teams (Head GM, Curators and Discord channel support), receiving feedback from them, helping in solving problems.
  • Dealing with incoming complaints from players: consideration and decision on punishment according to the server rules.
  • Work with incoming appeals to appeal punishments.
  • Other duties assigned.
  • Age 18+
  • Be available regularly at least 10 hours a week.
  • Ability to organize and plan your own time.
  • Good knowledge of WoW in general, but with a strong focus on the Legion expansion.
  • A strong desire to help players and the ability to listen, not just hear!
  • Desire to improve and develop the server.
  • Always communicate politely and competently in the game, on the forum and in the Discorde.
  • Ability to work in a team and independently.
It will be an advantage, but not necessarily:
  • Knowledge of GM teams.
  • GM experience on another server.
How to apply:
Send a message in this thread with information about yourself.
1. Write your name and your date of birth.
2. Do you have any work experience in the chosen position? If not, write “No”, if “Yes”, please tell us more about your responsibilities and where you worked.
3. Please tell us why you want to work with us in this position?
4. Your characters on our server, list the nicknames.
5. In what languages can you support players?
6. Tell us a little about yourself: what you do, your hobbies, goals in life, etc. Anything that you find interesting and important to tell about yourself at the moment. Remember, this post creates the first impression of you.
7. Write your contacts to contact you. This could be Discord (preferred), Skype, or a link to a forum profile.

We will contact you if your application meets the criteria we are looking for!

If within two weeks you have not been contacted, then your candidacy did not suit us.

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