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    Hello! Later I will read your text more carefully and give an answer for each item
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    We are recruiting english players for our guild! Wisper us in game.
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    Based on my experience the Arguswow/Uwow servers undoubtedly belong to the best Legion servers when it comes to end game content (m+/raids). Unfortunately the number of active players on Arguswow is low and furthermore hasn’t improved significantly since we started. This is reflected in negative comments on platforms like Reddit. We as a guild that is actively raiding at least 2 times a week and pushing m+ keys have been active since February and this topic has become more prominent in recent days as we’re trying to establish a mythic raid. I’m writing this message to communicate our opinion on a couple of changes that we consider necessary to be addressed in order to help the situation improve. 1. Character transfer migration and starting character boost a. Character transfer and starting character boost need to be promoted more aggressively. On the Arguswow homepage itself nothing in this regard can be found. Potential new players often have been active on other servers in the past and do not want to start all over again. We ourselves only had started playing on Arguswow because we knew that high level starting characters existed. b. b.Also, if you register as a new player and log into the website you find the character transfer option under the “Paid” section. A potential showstopper for anyone who does not want to start over but also does not feel inclined to spend any money upfront. Instead of hiding the character transfer information in the FAQ of the forums it rather should be advertised on the homepage, possibly with a link to a new Info/FAQ category. c. In case the potentially new player gets to the forums FAQ i. Free character transfer: Providing account credentials from another server to allow the deletion of that character is a no go for the vast majority of players. They will not make a crucial decision like that not knowing anything about the new server. Furthermore, asking about somebody’s account credentials will appear very shady in the eyes of many people and I have not seen anything like that on any of the private servers that I have played on. Usually having the player provide screenshots was sufficient for them. ii. There is no special offer with benefits/incentives for a guild transfer / the transfer of at least 10 players. The lack of this option made it a difficult start for our guild with the risk of breaking apart in an early stage. In summary it’s a huge struggle for a potentially new player to find all the character boost / transfer information that he needs. In case he eventually finds the information he is confronted with a lot of conditions and requirements that will scare him off, especially as other private servers are way more accessible. 2. Auction house and premade groups. In case the player did download the client and created a character in order to check out the server: a. The auction house is completely empty: At first glance the easiest action would be to make the auction house cross-realm so that a new player would see the massive amount of uwow auctions. Other options could be scripted, server-side bots that fill the auction house (less preferable.) b. There are no groups listed in the LFG tool even if it’s said to be cross-realm with 4k+ players. This allows only one conclusion: the server is dead. Admittedly solving these issues might turn out difficult. Apart from the issue that the LFG tool is currently bugged (a uwow player cannot see groups created by an arguswow player, tracked in http://tracker.legionbugs.com/view.php?id=10862) the tool itself and the fact that it is not being used is a mystery for our whole guild. From WoW retail and other private servers we are used to rely on the LFG tool to find other members for our groups as it’s the most convenient way by far, considering you don’t need to spam and watch the chat all of the time, but we have noticed that players on uwow don’t use it at all. An option could be to promote the LFG tool in the chat by automated messages like it’s done with other information in order to make players aware of its existence. 3. Starting to quest in Legion / Artifact weapons Almost on a daily base I am getting to hear about new players who have issues with their artifact quests. From our guild alone 3 mages were unable to even start their artifact quest lines. My own restoration druid was bugged and I had to struggle to find a workaround. Sometimes the quest is not provided by the intended NPC but a custom NPC who follows the player, but this needs to be triggered first. Essentially a new player struggles with critical issues or even showstoppers right in the beginning. I do appreciate the work of the GMs who are usually quick to help. Everything described above are thoughts that passed through my mind, that I argued on Reddit and that were brought up in discussions with other players from this server in the past weeks and months. I know that it is easier to just name solutions than to carry them out, and also that there exist a lot of other unrelated issues apart from the ones mentioned that require time and work. Nonetheless we would appreciate if the issues mentioned above were to be considered of high priority as they result in consequences that heavily affect us which is: less players.
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    1. If you do not yet have an account on our server, you must first create your account on our server. To register, click here. If you already have an account on our server, you need to log in to your account. 2. After the account has already been created, you can apply for the transfer of the character. To do this, log in to your account and enter your data specified during registration: 3. After that, select "Transfer", onward "Paid" (Important! Transfer is free. In the future, the name will be changed to a full transfer.) 4. We fill out an application for transferring a character. You need to fill in all the fields. Be careful when filling out, errors can lead to rejection of your application In the first line "Server", select the server site from which you want to transfer the character. If you did not find your server in the proposed list, then you will not be able to transfer. In the line "Game Version" select the game version of the game world / server, from where you transfer the character. In the line "Username or email" you need to enter the login account from your old server. If you need mail to enter the server, in this line specify mail, not login. Next, in the "Password" line, enter the password for your account on the server from which you transfer the character (carefully check the spelling of the password in Latin letters). In the line "Realmlist" you should indicate the realmlist of the server from which you transfer the character (without "SET realmlist). The realmlist, as a rule, is indicated on the server’s website in the connection manual. You can also check it yourself directly on your computer in the folder with the game. The path to the "Config" file is in С:\World of Warcraft\WTF Next, in the line "Game World" enter the name of your old game world. Enter the correct name of the game world that you see when connected. In the line "Character Name" you must indicate the exact name of your character, which we will transfer. It is very important that the character name in the application and on the old server match, otherwise we will not be able to process the application. In the line "Server Realm" choose from the list the game world to which you will transfer your character. Important! The transfer test function is not available now! Turning it on and off does not affect anything now. 5. You can track the transfer request in the "My applications" section of your personal account. Immediately after creation, it will display the status of "New". 6. If the application does not violate the conditions of the transfer and the character can be transferred, the administrator logs on to the server from which the transfer is taking place, deletes all things on the character and in the bags, deletes the character and confirms the request. The character is created on the selected game world, the status of the application changes to "Completed", and you receive a notification on the completion of the transfer to your mail. 7. Important! After the application is confirmed by the representative of the administration, you can observe the following status: This means that the application has been successfully confirmed, but the information has not yet had time to upload to the server. It usually takes 1-5 minutes. If at some point during the consideration of the application, the administration representative cannot log into the old server and delete the character there (the server is disconnected, not accessible, the password has been changed, the account in the bathhouse, IP binding, the character has been deleted on the server, etc. .), then we will have to cancel the application Important! When creating a request, leave a character near the bank