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  1. Brownie

    Suggestions, Arguments and my Thoughts.

    We do not plan to close, but rather develop the project. Now we are busy preparing advertising, we will launch it when the new team is approved and trained to cope with the problems of new players and timely answer questions from players
  2. Brownie

    Suggestions, Arguments and my Thoughts.

    In the early version of the transfer, the characters were preserved, since there were many problems during the transfer and in the event of the loss of some important items, we could restore them by taking data from the source server. Now the system works well, if there are problems, then they are solved without having to have the original character on the old server
  3. Brownie

    Suggestions, Arguments and my Thoughts.

    "Of course it is not possible to provide all information with screenshots. It is purely symbolic and what i mean is not really a transfer. These kind of free version "transfers" corresponds to an improved character boost. A form is used to enter name, class, race, professions, etc. This way you get an lv110 with m0 equipment with some basic archievement. With limits like max 2-3 charakters, has to be new players..." - we closed this type of transfer because of its unpopularity, now there are more applications, since players prefer to continue playing for their character than created just having nothing from the past experience on the char. "My main argument, however, is the free transfer currently requires a high degree of determination from the player and not many will not have that, especially if the previous server is still operating. A compromise here would be to refrain from deleting it, but you have already ruled out this possibility for technical reasons. I am personally very interested in why and how you use a delete-query, but I digress." - This is a common practice, the user transfers the character from another server to a new one and on the original server he disappears "That is the problem, new players don't bother to report quests in the beginning, they rather make the hasty decision quit right away. Things like artifact weapons quest, which is the basic requirement of legion, should not need any more bug fixes. I was lucky with the Holy Paladin, pleasantly surprised that it was even scripted and I finished without any problems. But had I started with the Restoration Druid on a bad day, I would have had a blood vessel burst first." - Yes, you are right, new players usually don’t even understand what and where is located and where to report errors. All hope for our regular players Now we do not have many testers in the team so that they can double-check everything, everything, so the system is designed so that you can report a bug to the bug tracker, if it is a critical bug, then it will be prioritized by the developers. Reporting bugs or not is a personal matter for each player, I think most players are still aware that we do not have the same resources as the official server and players are willing to assist with server development by reporting bugs in a timely manner. Developers regularly try to correct the content so that everyone is comfortable playing. For example, when the server was first opened, the chain to the artifact was impassable for some classes, now we have good performance. Of course, there are flaws, but they will be eliminated over time. "Ofc i would not invest any time on development for Bot Seller, if it is likely to get cross-server AH. But i would keep it as temporary last resort solution, because right now we dont have a economy to impact negativ or positiv, Lightforged Warframe 650k / Augement Rune 50k are the only items to get rid of gold. I thought of Bots that only sell and mostly only mats you get on blood trader, just that it isnt empty. Settings like bet-pricing.. just so that gold doent become a opsolete currency." - I haven't been able to figure out how to incentivize players to trade at the auction yet. If develop a bot that you are talking about, we will have to devote a developer for this, and they now have a very busy schedule and there is still a lot of work on content
  4. Brownie

    Suggestions, Arguments and my Thoughts.

    When transferring the char is always deleted from the source server, can not do without it.
  5. Brownie

    Suggestions, Arguments and my Thoughts.

    Regarding the transfer of characters, we will try to highlight the information on the site itself about the possibility of transferring to us. "Also, if you register as a new player and log into the website you find the character transfer option under the “Paid” section. A potential showstopper for anyone who does not want to start over but also does not feel inclined to spend any money upfront." - now there is no technical opportunity to correct the menu personal acc, at the moment a new office is being developed and functionality with the correct menu names will be implemented there. "Providing account credentials from another server to allow the deletion of that character is a no go for the vast majority of players. They will not make a crucial decision like that not knowing anything about the new server. Furthermore, asking about somebody’s account credentials will appear very shady in the eyes of many people and I have not seen anything like that on any of the private servers that I have played on. Usually having the player provide screenshots was sufficient for them." - No, this is not done according to the screenshots I can’t even imagine how many screen are needed to provide all the information about the character, for example, reputation and information for each about it separately, progress on quests, achievements, equipment and its level, and so on. I can tell you a lot of servers on which the transfer is performed in a similar way with the provision of data from the acc, most players understand how the transfer is arranged and there is nothing unusual for them. "There is no special offer with benefits/incentives for a guild transfer / the transfer of at least 10 players. The lack of this option made it a difficult start for our guild with the risk of breaking apart in an early stage." - all this can be solved with me through private messages. As a full-fledged service we are not ready to publish it, but we can always talk and solve such situations to make it convenient for both us and the players. Several guilds have already moved in this way, all of these points are discussed individually. "The auction house is completely empty: At first glance the easiest action would be to make the auction house cross-realm so that a new player would see the massive amount of uwow auctions. Other options could be scripted, server-side bots that fill the auction house (less preferable.)" at least this will negatively affect the economy, players must fill the auction for natural buying/selling between players, and not make it fictitious. In the future, it is likely that the auction will be cross-server and this will have a positive effect on it; there is no information on the timing of dev now. "Apart from the issue that the LFG tool is currently bugged (a uwow player cannot see groups created by an arguswow player, tracked in http://tracker.legionbugs.com/view.php?id=10862) the tool itself and the fact that it is not being used is a mystery for our whole guild. From WoW retail and other private servers we are used to rely on the LFG tool to find other members for our groups as it’s the most convenient way by far, considering you don’t need to spam and watch the chat all of the time, but we have noticed that players on uwow don’t use it at all. An option could be to promote the LFG tool in the chat by automated messages like it’s done with other information in order to make players aware of its existence." On our server we will create announcements that through the LFG tool it is possible to assemble groups. It is possible for Russian-speaking players to collect raids via chat, they know that there is this function, but for some reason they are in no hurry to use it "Almost on a daily base I am getting to hear about new players who have issues with their artifact quests. From our guild alone 3 mages were unable to even start their artifact quest lines. My own restoration druid was bugged and I had to struggle to find a workaround. Sometimes the quest is not provided by the intended NPC but a custom NPC who follows the player, but this needs to be triggered first. Essentially a new player struggles with critical issues or even showstoppers right in the beginning. I do appreciate the work of the GMs who are usually quick to help." the surest solution is to report an existing problem to the bug tracker. Game masters cannot fix the cause of the problem, the maximum that they can do is to somehow help a specific player with the problem, but other players will have it. However, if players report problems in a timely manner, developers will be able to fix these problems and the server will become better. Thanks for the feedback, we will try to finalize some points regarding transfer, notifications, etc.
  6. Brownie

    Suggestions, Arguments and my Thoughts.

    Hello! Later I will read your text more carefully and give an answer for each item
  7. Brownie

    macOS - Unable to Launch Game

    Hi! Option 1: In the terminal, execute the command xattr -d com.apple.quarantine for the file ArgusWoW.app Option 2: We write in the terminal sudo xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine / file path Option 3: After downloading the client and downloading the launch files, extract the files to the root folder with the game. Next, launch the "Terminal" and register the command: sudo chmod -R 755 at the end, put a space and drag the entire folder with the game into the terminal, the path to the folder will be automatically registered. Press enter. if necessary, enter the password from the computer. Description: sudo - allows you to perform some action as the root user. chmod - command for changing access rights -R parameter that assigns the specified rights to all files contained within the object. 755 - the owner and his group have full access (4 + 2 + 1 = 7), all other users can read and run the file (4 + 1 = 5)
  8. Problem was resolved in the game.
  9. Brownie

    Transfered Monk can't buy Ban-Fu

    The pet was sent to the character in the mail
  10. Brownie

    Token erhalten

    Wenn Sie Probleme mit Zahlungen haben, senden Sie mir einen Scheck und eine E-Mail vom Konto, damit ich überprüfen kann, wo die Zahlung verloren gegangen ist. Dies kommt äußerst selten vor und alles ist gelöst
  11. Brownie

    Token erhalten

    Ich verstehe dich nicht wirklich, was genau ist das Problem? Haben Sie auf dem Kontostand aufgelaufene Token oder was ist los?
  12. Brownie

    Server Updates

    First of all, they fix critical errors, then everything else if there are developers who can fix it. On the topic with corrections you can see that edits on the server occur regularly
  13. Brownie

    Token erhalten

    Hallo! Um den Vorgang zu bestätigen, kann die Bank Ihnen einen Code senden, der bei der Zahlung eingegeben werden muss, um die Zahlung zu bestätigen
  14. Brownie

    Игровые проблеммы

    С багами обращайтесь в баг-трекер http://tracker.legionbugs.com/my_view_page.php
  15. Hi friends! We are glad to inform you about the end of the cross-server season of epic + dungeons, this spring our players showed great activity, which earned our gratitude and awards! By tradition, we start with statistics: for the entire season, players completed a total of more than 47,000 keys, which is 16,000 more than last season in March, we increased the level of things for passing 16-19 keys to 945/950, thanks to this, activity increased at 15+ levels (more than 18000 this season, compared to 11000 in the past) also worthy rewards for the last season became a significant incentive for experienced players to actively conduct the current, more than 1300 keys over 25+ levels in 3 months We would like to single out a group of players who were the first to close 31 keys on the server Cathedral of Eternal Night: Зергич, Wallkiriz, Манверус, Дилианна, Veyran. And the most stubborn guys who spent almost 23 hours in the dungeon Darkheart Thicket (21lvl key): Drof, Qwatralolqzi, Jarastafarai, Deaddestiny, Лисасекси The reward conditions have changed slightly compared to the first season, but are also based on our Mythic + score system. A list of characters was taken for which the number of points was greater than or equal to 4000, a calculation was made for each character from the list, for the main characters the basic reward + additional, for altos only additional (without a cut). Base reward: from 4000 to 4900 points - 500 tokens from 4901 to 5600 points - 900 tokens from 5601 to 6499 points - 1300 tokens from 6500 and above - 2000 tokens Additional reward (calculated on the basis of the passed keys, a minor adjustment was also made, for example: players passed 20 keys for 3 timers, then they will receive a reward as for 17 keys): 25 level - 6 tokens 26 level - 8 tokens Level 27 - 16 Tokens Level 28 - 26 Tokens Level 29 - 40 Tokens Level 30 - 60 Tokens Level 31 - 100 Tokens The number of award places has increased by almost 4 times compared to last season - 201 (to them, in view of the account)! Below are the characters whose accounts the reward went to: 1. Redeemed (uWowx100) - 8075.59 points / 2015 tokens isBugger 2. Ланкар (uWowx100) - 8022.05 points / 2588 tokens isBugger 3. Семьянин (uWowx100) - 7985.97 points / 1579 tokens isBugger 4. Qwatralolqzi (uWowx100) - 7985.37 points / 2812 tokens isBugger 5. Deaddestiny (uWowx100) - 7942.78 points / 2538 tokens isBugger isTwin - means that this character received only additional, because it is an alt isBugger - means that the account was blocked due to bags during the season, such accounts received a third of the reward The list of awarded players was compiled on the basis of yesterday’s data and the actual number of points and rewards sent may slightly differ. At the time of publication of this news, the ladder was reset and the third season began. We wish all players a good time on our project!