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  1. We are recruiting english players for our guild! Wisper us in game.
  2. Mandragore

    New guild and a active (Troubadours)

  3. Mandragore

    New guild and a active (Troubadours)

    Yes we are still around :)
  4. Mandragore


    And for dungeons you can use : Littlewigs https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/little-wigs
  5. Mandragore

    New guild and a active (Troubadours)

    Come all english speaking players we do: Mythics WQ together Invasion Points Raids (if we get enough people)
  6. Guide Viewer. With our custom Guide Viewer addon our guides are displayed right on your screen so you can remain completely immersed without ever having to leave the game. Dynamic Detection. Our guides can automate and detect your actions, such as auto-accepting quests, tracking goal progression, and automatically skipping to the next step when steps are complete. Built In Navigation System Our guides include a built in Waypoint Arrow that points you where to go at all times, and a Travel System that can generate the fastest directions to any location in the game on the fly.