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  1. Also eigentlich müsste die im WoW-Stammordner sein. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass die fehlt. Könntest du einen Screenshot vom Ordner schicken? Vielleicht musst du einmal das Spiel starten.
  2. Found the answer myself: 1. "Preparing the Arrival" is immediatly doable. "Last chance" appears, but "bugged". 2. Wait about 48 hours --> "Last chance" succesfull 3. Wait another about 48 hours --> "Investigate Felsoul Hold" appears and can be completed. For details: http://tracker.legionbugs.com/view.php?id=9053
  3. Ok, I solved it with a work-around: I used the shoulder enchantment "Boon of the builder", which can be purchased at the engineers. The containers drop all loot needed for this quest.
  4. Hey, I am stuck. As the creator of this former post: https://forum.arguswow.com/topic/1613-problem-with-quest-of-warrior-campaign-preparing-for-war/?tab=comments#comment-3317. When I start the quest "Capturing the Gateway" (ID=43577), I can start the partial mission "Preparing our Arrival". After I succeed, sometime the mission "Last Chance" appears, sometimes it vanishes, but I could never start it, even though I use Hymdall, who is required. When clicking "Start Mission" the screen turns back to the list with available missions. The 3rd mission "Investigate Felsoul Hold" has never appeared or been seen. I restart the quest, I even deleted the cache folder in between. I have no more ideas. Please help! Greetings
  5. Hey, for the engineering quest line "Assault on Violet Hold: Cheating Death" (ID=40878) am asked to create a "Failure Detection Pylon". Therefore I need "Chaos Blasters", but I can't find a vendor. WoWHead (https://www.wowhead.com/item=136632/chaos-blaster) states "Hobart Grapplehammer" is supposed the sell them, but I tried him, the other option "Fargo Flintlocke" and all major alliance cities: Stormwind, Ironforge, Exodar without positive result. Am I missing something? How can I proceed? Any help welcome. Greetings
  6. Ok, I found the mistake, After demanding the quest status, it stated "completed". Apperently I did it before, I am sorry for my unawareness. Because of (for me) unexplainable reasons the follow up quest was neither marked on the map nor completed easily (some old quest item unintentionally left in my bags bugged the quest), but due to your helpful tips I knew where to look and solved the problem. Thank you! All 4 artifact weapons have been acquired. Close Topic?
  7. Hey, I just deleted the whole "Cache" folder. I also abandonned the quest prior to deleting the folder. Unfortunately it didn't change anything. Do I have to wait for a server restart?
  8. Hi, I can't choose the "fourth" Questline for the Guardian Druid. I have all the other specialisations, but missing this artifact weapon. I disabled all addons. I abandonned the quest and reaccepted it. What to do? Any help is appreciated! Kind regards, Thorsten