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    Suggestions, Arguments and my Thoughts.

    yeah I'm just relaying the message that they are now turned off by your server and will not transfer over as they originally intended. too many people have too much to lose since they think you might close any day and you are removing the chars they feel are safer on a more popular server.
  2. Wildina

    Suggestions, Arguments and my Thoughts.

    some of my characters were only cloned to this server which made my friends want to come over since they wouldn't lose their characters on freakz, and the next wave deleted all the gear from the original server and then the character from there. they quit your server before they started playing because of that and are repairing their characters on the server that they are familiar with. starting from scratch.. you lost quite a few players with that transfer.. we could have had some more active M+ pushers and some more raiders on argusx5
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    Achievement linking

    Why whenever we try to link achievements in chat it says bad link and refuses to send the message?
  4. Hi you sent me Ban-Lu, thank you for that, but when I added him the item disappeared and the pet was not added to my list
  5. Wildina

    Transfered Monk can't buy Ban-Fu

  6. Wildina

    Transfered Monk can't buy Ban-Fu

    just an FYI for the pathfinder stuff. it wasn't needed on retail and there are a few comments confirming you get it after you complete the Ban-lu quest By LetMahz (1,167 – 6·13) on 2018/05/20 (Patch 7.3.5) Update: I've seen people talking about whether the Broken Isles Pathfinder is needed in order to buy it. To that, I answer: NOPE. You don't need it, neither you need the part one of it. I haven't done these achievements in any character, and, yet, I managed to buy the pet. All I did was complete the Ban-Lu quest-line and look for the the lady that sells the pet ^^
  7. https://www.wowhead.com/item=147542/ban-fu-cub-of-ban-lu The npc does nothing when I right click her, she does not allow me to buy from her as though I did not complete my class campaign but I finished my class campaign with legionfall and got my Ban-Lu mount on the previous server and I was able to buy Ban-Fu there as well.