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    Game Master

    1&2 Hello my name is Anne Herrmann, i´m 28 years old and from Germany. 3. I play on argusx5 and my Mainchar is Trullala. 4. My hobbies are playing Games, help other Players and Newbies. I loving it to help other peoples ingame or Reallife. I am unemployed because I am unable to work due to several illnesses. I spend my free time either with drawing or with my friends. 5. Why do I want to be a GM? I want to help and I can't normally help as much as I would like. A GM often knows things a player doesn't know, he can help where I can't otherwise. Unfortunately there is no GM on argusx5 and many players left because nobody helped them. I think it would be a shame if more and more players leave the server just because there is no GM! I love the Server, my Guild and the other Players who need help. 6. My native language is german and i can speak a little english (which i would like to improve). 7. I don´t have Skype! My Discord name: Trullala/Anne Herrmann#0693
  2. Trullala

    Game Master

    1. Name, surname, age. Herrmann, Anne. I´m 28 years old. 2. Time zone Central European 3. Your characters on our server, list nicknames and realities. I have 3 Chars on argusx5. 4. Information about yourself: what you do, your hobbies, achievements in life, etc. All that you consider interesting and important to tell about yourself at this moment. I am a helpful person. I love to listen to others. I have very good nerves. I´m a creativ person and draw arts on pc. 5. Why do you want to work with us in this position? I want to work with you because i like to help and this job is about helping on the server. I'd like to help on the Server because i like the Server itself. 6. Languages: German and English 7. Discord: twitter.com/oosunnyrosearts#0693 We are not ready to make you an offer for work, denied