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    For me it also does the attack animation towards me but doesn't do any damage.
  2. I recently finished the Order Hall Quest for the shaman. It took 6 tries due to some bugs. When I loaded into the order hall quest I could converse with Thrall but then the rest of the quest was bugged. You are supposed to help the shaman around the area, but this did nothing, and sometimes the intractable objects (such as the stone pillar) wouldn't even spawn. After about 6 resets, which included quitting the quest, leaving the area, and waiting 20 minutes for it to reset I noticed what I believe to be the cause of the error. When starting the quest, I would be put into a group, with myself as the only person in the group. I could tell this because I was marked as the raid leader. After leaving the area, leaving the group, then coming back everything worked. I make this post, not to draw criticism, but to help any shaman players who might run into the same issue, as well as the details of fixing it in case anyone is having similar issues in their quest. The forums seem pretty barren, so it seemed like a good idea to post this here then leave anyone new out to dry.