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  1. Helios

    Old World Content?

    As I'm seeing, it looks like more work is going into Legion content than old world content (which I can see why and understand). If the work is going into Legion rather than Old World Content, wouldn't there be people that eventually quit because of so many glitches in the old world despite the experience multiplier for questing/dungeons. There's many solutions to this. Is Old World Content going to be fixed or is Legion Content what the main focus is?
  2. Shadowfang Keep, Baron Ashbury. Adds were not spawned for the duration of the fight.
  3. Helios

    Special Death Bug

    Either I'm special or this is a bug.
  4. As seen from the pictures from below, the boss is in the floor and doesn't move from that singular spot from some reason instead of Choosing between one of the four sides and moving around a lot. Animation for the last boss to jump at the adds, killing them instantly was also not done. There was also at the start and end of the dungeon, the dungeon-quest-givers were nowhere to be seen. Possibly either de-spawned or never spawned at all. Instead, they were replaced with the horde dungeon-quest-givers. (I am on my alliance character) I'm unsure if the horde have this same issue or if theirs' is the exact same, just the dungeon-quest-givers who are orcs, are actually their dungeon-quest-givers. That being said, RFC has a lot of bugs. Deadmines also does as well. There are adds on the second boss on a branch-like porch where they stand. They are skull-level and one-shot (even tanks) if attacked or taunted. However, there's no issue here as you can walk right under them. On live servers, they don't exist. (Yes, I pulled the "on live servers." very annoying, yes I know. Only time I'll say it.) Also, the cannons do not spawn at all in any part of the dungeon (Deadmines).
  5. Helios

    Multiboxing question

    If without bots, completely vanilla (besides obviously addons, but nothing bot-exploit-cheating-related......etc.) Would multiboxing be allowed? Since this may bring confusion, I'll come up with some examples.... Examples: Sitting my ass in Stormwind on the AH, while I have my main character out questing, rep grinding, etc. Having a character AFK basically somewhere, standing still while I do something else on another character Best ones to describe what I want to do xD I saw something else on here or discord I think. Someone asked if they could have multiple alts following their main around as they level for that "quick leveling" experience. Someone suggested that and wanted to know if they could do that, a GM replied that it's probably best they shouldn't considering that they might risk getting banned. Considering if it is vanilla while they're multiboxing, it technically doesn't go against the rules. BUT! Considering other rules, there is one saying that not everything is anticipated and if a GM sees something unfit and inappropriate then they can take certain necessary actions towards whatever they see unfit for the server. (I'm pulling a lot of this out of my ass, since all I did was re-word it. If need be, I'll quote the "exact words" into the replies.) That being said, there might be a question of why I'd want to have this answered. Well, here's why. Literally had already listed it as an example. That is the true purpose of my question. I apologize for making this topic so long.
  6. Nothing too serious obviously, just thought I'd throw it out there. NPC Link : https://www.wowhead.com/npc=43704/dire-wolf Picture explains it. The emote was used by the wolf to empower themselves? But! The name isn't shown for some odd reason.
  7. Helios


    I realized it's probably best to give an image as an example of "what" ElvUI is. I have my own UI custom-made by myself so I'll give an image, and if anyone wants to use my UI then build their own from there (if they want) then I'll put a way on how to use my custom UI. Keep in mind, I have Details on the bottom right which is a meters addon to see who does most DPS/HPS, etc.
  8. Helios

    Damage Revamp Please!

    I also realized as I'm healing through the dungeon (right now, literally) It's not scaled. I heal myself half my health with one ability. But it takes about 15 of that same ability to heal the tank. They're nine levels above me.
  9. Mobs in dungeons are doing 3-4 damage per hit which (I'm not complaining, fast, easy dungeons.) Tanks can go in DPS spec and go through without a problem. But, I realized that whenever I put my shield (I'm a disc priest) on someone, it gets annihilated by the add(s) within milliseconds. So it's possibly not the damage, but maybe the scaling issues? Or the- I had just died one-shot to a boss. Damage is too high on bosses, and possibly adds too if it weren't for the massive damage reduction.
  10. Helios

    Weird Talent Bug

    Hello! Found another weird bug. Below is a screenshot of what I mean. I already tried selecting the other talents to see if I'm able to have them as a fresh level 15. No, it didn't work. So developers......you can stop thinking I'm wanting to exploit the game. Either way, just thought it's weird for it to show that I can select it instead of it showing that I was too low of a level to choose anything. I noticed it's a bit hard to see, but Shield Discipline is the fourth row, middle talent that I'm hovering my mouse over.
  11. Though, this is a minor, though annoying issue, it isn't really a must to fix, but would be really helpful. For any NPCs that hold more than one quest that you can accept, once you accept the quest, you're stuck on that page. That is until you hit decline or hit the red X at the top right of the quest window. Then talk to the NPC again and voila. If you look at the image, it says Bounty on Murlocs for the quest that I can accept or decline. But, if you look in my quest log, it's the very top quest in which I already have....in said quest log. Again, minor issue, but would be helpful to have fixed. To recreate this, simply make a character and continue questing until you hit the point of where there's two quests that you can accept on a singular NPC. I found this in Elwynn Forest.
  12. Helios

    Exorsus Raid Tools

    Now this is an absolute must for Raiding. Extremely recommended to have this if you're considering raiding outside of LFR. (Still useful then, but not as much.) https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/exorsus-raid-tools/files/2527324
  13. Helios


    ALSO not a necessity for Boss Encounters unless you are looking to see the HPS/DPS slackers or love seeing yourself at the top of the meters......or the bottom. Either way, it works. https://www.wowace.com/projects/skada/files/2472880
  14. Helios


    There are always those people that have a need to be looking at themself at the top of the meters. *coughs loudly* Me *coughs loudly again* Anyways, here you go. Not a necessity as a Boss Encounters addon, but is useful if you're looking to see who's slacking off in HPS/DPS or if you want to simply gloat about your high rankings on the meters. https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/details/files/2556021
  15. Helios

    NPC in wrong area

    It's the little things that can contribute to being considered as a bug. I found an NPC that is usually accompanied by two guards that are taking him somewhere (I didn't really follow to where he was led as I obviously didn't care, it was an NPC considered as decor for the city.) I attached a picture of the NPC. Though, not being "game-breaking," thought I'd be the one to put out the word about it.