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  1. Erawen

    Torn Journal Page

    Mining quest called Torn Journal Page is bugged, if you obtain it you can't activate it (start it ) and its needed for Letstone Deposit rank 2. Please fix this
  2. In order to unlock this quest (Bolstering Your Arsenal) whic is to unlock you other 2 artifact wep. You need to complete quest called A Falling Star, whic is where my problem starts. To start whit i had 2 of the same quests i did one and other one buggs out near end(Like at screenshot below). And i was thinking since i done one of those 2 quests i had, left thing to do was to go and clear rest of my Class Campaign, but that was not problem eather, after some random playing next time i went to my Class hall i saw this on my map (second screenshot) and now i had to report bug here i hope you guys sort this out since i wanna to have my other to artifact wepons as soon as possible...