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  1. Constellatius

    Migration from WoW freakz

    Hey biljanski! Free transfer to us. Instructions for creating a character transfer application.
  2. Constellatius

    Gegner zu stark? (bin neu im Spiel)

    Hallo schroedb! Dies ist einer Fehlfunktion sehr ähnlich. Bitte melden Sie diese Probleme dem Bug-Tracker mit Bestätigung Ihrer Worte (Sie können Screenshots oder Videos verwenden), und die Entwickler werden diese Mängel mit Sicherheit beheben. Wir sind sehr bemüht, das Spiel für Sie komfortabler zu gestalten. Danke!
  3. Constellatius

    Brauche bitte Hilfe

    If you have no more questions, I will close this topic. Have a nice game!
  4. Constellatius

    Bug en Mazmorras

    Hola, Cloiv! Las fallas encontradas se deben informar a una sección especial http://tracker.legionbugs.com/my_view_page.php
  5. Constellatius

    Brauche bitte Hilfe

    Hallo, Armany! Wenn Ihr Charakter feststeckt, können Sie die Funktion "Charakter reparieren" in Ihrem Konto verwenden - https://cp.arguswow.com/auth/login
  6. Constellatius

    Problem with logging in??(BLZ51942003)

    Hello dear friend! Is your problem still relevant or were you able to connect and have fun in the game?
  7. Constellatius

    How I Install the game on my Mac

    Hello my dear friend! Why can't you connect? Tell me more about the problem and I will try to help you
  8. Constellatius

    I have problem logging in, BLZ 51914003

    aria, Is there a problem now?
  9. Constellatius

    Please, help for guilds and newcomers.

    Hi, Downloaderbo! I'm sorry you had to wait for an answer for so long But now I'm here and I will tell you what to do in such a situation: Our developers try to fix bugs as soon as possible and to help them we need to report problems in a timely manner to the bug tracker - http://tracker.legionbugs.com/my_view_page.php Please do not forget to attach a link to the source where it is indicated how it should work correctly, or in the video / screenshots. Enjoy the game, my dear friend! I hope your guild will prosper and please us with your presence in the game!
  10. Constellatius

    Logging in to game Server

    Good evening, Controlus! Tell me, dear friend, did you solve this problem? If you still can’t connect, just let me know and I will try to help you
  11. Constellatius

    Error BLZ 51914003 again

    subardinat, спасибо за приятные слова в наш адрес! К сожалению, наш сервер подвергается DDOS-атаке последнюю неделю и некоторые пользователи испытывают трудности с подключением. Мы стараемся решать все проблемы как можно скорее, чтобы игроки могли провести время комфортно играя у нас. Это очень важно в это непростое время, когда многие из нас вынуждены находиться на самоизоляции. Надеюсь, что у Вас останутся только хорошие эмоции от игры на нашем сервере. Приятной игры и берегите себя!
  12. Constellatius

    Destiny Unfulfilled quest

    Hello! Now I will redirect your appeal to the correct section of the forum.
  13. You have been disconnected WOW51900319 or WOW51900328 The reason for this message may be inaccessibility / disconnection / restart of the game server, the game world.In this case, you need to wait until the server is online, but before that you need to make sure that the server is not working or is not available at the time of this error, the status of the game server can be found on our website. The server status update period on the statistics page is 5 minutes, there are cases when the server restarts faster or several times in 5 minutes and the status on the site does not change. The second reason for receiving the error is the disconnection of the Internet connection between the player and the server. You need to make sure that you have a stable and high-quality connection with our server. If your internet is connected via Wi-Fi, then check the quality of communication with the router / modem.
  14. Constellatius

    Torn Journal Page

    Hey! Report a problem to the bug tracker. And do not forget to leave messages in the bug-treker by template: - Link to the faulty quest/item/npc and etc. from this resource wowhead.com - Describe the essence of the bug. - Describe how he must working ( wowhead.com or another resource). - Screenshot/video where we see bug. For each bug, created new topic. Attention!!! Before creating topic with bug tracker, check, maybe someone posted this problem earlier. Duplicate topics will be closing and delete Also check, maybe bug, which you want to describe is in general reports. Pleasant game!