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  1. Rendary

    Demon hunter nickname:Florinpeste i cant go to Dalaran

    Post an in-game ticket and I will respond.
  2. Rendary

    Scouring the Desert

    The topic is closed for further replies!
  3. Rendary

    We Strike!

    The topic is closed for further replies.
  4. Rendary

    Ban Appeals

    Case closed! Permanent ban is lifted. Nightslayer stays with his initial IP ban of (14 days).
  5. Rendary

    Ban Appeals

    I will take over the case with Nightslayer. Provide me with all evidence (on why Nightslayer should be unbanned) on private message. Thank you !
  6. Rendary

    My Problems after 7 Days on Argusx100

    Issue an in-game ticket. Esc -> Help -> Report a bug Or ... Contact a GM through discord.
  7. Rendary

    My Problems after 7 Days on Argusx100

    These bugs and issues you described are not game-breaking. You can get past them with the help of a GM easily. So I don't see all the fuss happening here.
  8. Rendary

    Death Grip

    Transferred to devs
  9. Rendary

    Mechano Hog and Sky Golem

    Regarding the Mechano Hog Schematic question This item is a reputation reward; you must be exalted with Horde Expedition to buy it from the following vendors for 400: Gara Skullcrush <Horde Expedition Quartermaster> at Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra Sebastian Crane <Horde Expedition Quartermaster> at Vengeance Landing in Howling Fjord
  10. Rendary


    Topic locked as requested from user.
  11. Rendary

    3 Bugged quest

    Issues were already reported.
  12. Rendary

    Player statistics?

    Hello , Player count peaks to about 100 - 150 in week days and 150 - 250 in weekends Of course everything depends on the hour. Enjoy your stay !
  13. Rendary

    Cant login ingame

    Look for IP adress lock in your control panel in the website and enable it. If that doesnt help wait for a developer reply. Please do not make additional threads about this issues
  14. Rendary

    Cant login ingame

    Clear Cache , delete WTF folder . Be sure to verify your account through email.
  15. Rendary

    Can I know how I got warned

    This is not a negotiation or a discussion. Instead of muting you I decided to give you a warning. Also the gm-chat you provided has a missing sentece from you ,which I have as a screenshot and in logs. Have a nice day and enjoy your time