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  1. Jepalf


    I have the same problem for Demonhunter - Demoneska on Argus x 5. No way to progress after completing starting zone.
  2. Maybe you are right, Yoru, but since it is no where to find in bug reports, then we have to report it, right ?...thats what they politely ask us to do.
  3. Jepalf

    [?] No breathing after swimming

    I did go into the water and that cancelled the countdown in the case from Darkshore, but it was only until I got back up on the rock, then it started counting down again. In the lake in Redridge Mountain I couldnt prevent it from counting down, maybe it would have stopped if I had been able to reach the shore, but I was in the middle of the lake, questing.
  4. Jepalf

    Didnt get an answer....

    thats a shame, I noticed you get 4-6 copper...right, copper....for a lv 25 weapon of green quality, so somehow that doesnt seem right. At the same time the very low vendor prices explain why prices for something like training isnt reached until much later than lvl 20, where it becomes available. Havent tried that on other servers.
  5. Now I have multiple chars and this problem is in every zone. All quests are marked at the place where the quest is completed, nor where it has to be turned in.
  6. Jepalf

    [?] No breathing after swimming

    I died from drowning while standing on a small island during the quest "An Ocean not so deep" in Darkshore. (look at time and breath bar on screenshots) Getting above water doesnt stop the breath from counting down after swimming, same thing happened on another char in Redridge Mountain.
  7. Jepalf

    mount for Allied Races

    ..thats a pet, not a mount ? When you start a new allied race, its at lvl 20, but cant buy any mounts anywhere until reputation has been raised to a high lvl, and that will sure take some time and many, many miles of running. But if they have gotten their pet now, and it stays with them, then thats at least something.
  8. Jepalf

    Didnt get an answer....

    Original question is this: "Hi. Congratulations so far on your work here I have a question about costs of training riding skill at lvl 20, it cost more than 4 gold, and me at lvl 20 have a little more than 1 gold. Isnt it a bit expensive to charge more than 4 gold for the first riding skill ?" Replying with link from wowhead about the requirements and cost of training doesnt really answer my question - I have never played on a server, be that private or retail, where i had to wait with training of riding skill until I was around lvl 30 because I had to wait for reputation to rise. Normally there is more loot from like killing rares, which help towards getting enough gold for training at lvl 20, but here there is nothing extra loot or coins from any of the rares I have killed. So it might be a good idea to consider changing the amount of loot from rares ?....just a suggestion.
  9. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=26562/and-last-but-not-least-danforth - this quest is shown as available on the map, but he is not in the cave, and the "boss" doesnt drop a key. So a messy storyline in Redridge is a shame, cause its a good one.
  10. Jepalf

    [fix] Quest in Redridge Mountain bug

    EDIT: I found out this quest can be turned in at the town Hall, but its no stated anywhere....the quest is still on the list as one to do, and not one that is complete.
  11. "Tuning the gnomecorder" (https://www.wowhead.com/quest=26512/tuning-the-gnomecorder) doesnt work. It says "complete" on screen, but quest is not completed. There is supposed to be a small window comming down on the screen in upper right corner to complete quest and accept new one, but nothing happens.
  12. After completing quests, the question marks for turning in quests, are placed in wrong places. This applies to most quest from Elwynn Forrest to redridge mountains and in Panda starting zone....so far. Havent levled much further.
  13. Gnome warlock starts out with the robe it will get after decontamination, and when it reaches the surface, it shows the clothes they are supposed to start in. It starts with the little imp, which disappears at lvl 2, and is learned again at lvl 5. But it disappears every time new lvl is reached and its skills reset. Same as hunter's pets. Its a bit anoying during fight.
  14. ....sorry, not my frustrations Im expressing here, you have done an amazing job Quest with title above, link from wow head = https://www.wowhead.com/quest=26708/ahhhhhhhhhhhh-ahhhhhhhhh, doesnt work. Im able to jump into tank, but it doesnt move so its not possible to complete that storyline in Redridge mountain.