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  1. talosbane

    Dungeon Finder doesn't work

    Hello, if I try to search any random classic dungeon (I'm level 58 now) nothing happen, even if I relog or after delete cache folder or fix character with control panel. I tried to join to a Random Battleground and client warn this:"You cannot queue for a battleground or arena WHILE using the dungeon or raid queueing systems", seems like I am perma "invisible" queue. I hope that you can fix this soon. Thanks Goodbye
  2. talosbane

    "Only Russian" or...what else?

    It's great if Premade Group works! Can you help us for "push" people to use this great feature? I mean something like a kind of automessage or something like that, just for "teach" people to use this feature (maybe with some tutorial but I don't think that it is necessary 'cause it's easy to use Premade Group). I know that this feature for now is not popular but non-russian people can't join in World_ru, as I said. I don't wanna boring you so much so I hope that you can take this suggestion for real and thanks anyway for every kind of help. Goodbye
  3. talosbane

    "Only Russian" or...what else?

  4. talosbane

    "Only Russian" or...what else?

    We know that this is a Russian Cross-Server. I asked for something else that We like to know. The Premade Group does not work at this moment and people that do not speak main language (Russian Language) cannot join the World_Ru channel. So I would like to know if you are going to fix the Premade Group, so that anyone can interact with other players or not. Those who live in other European Country do not force nobody to speak only English language, just to be clear. Thanks
  5. talosbane

    "Only Russian" or...what else?

    Hello, your server for now is "labeled" as "Only Russian" (Reddit or just every web site) because Premade Group does not work (or 99% of populatons uses the "LFG" method in World_Ru) And therefore those who do not speak your language unfortunaly cannot use the only active channel that is World_Ru. In this way we cannot create group or join group for doing mythic+ or raid and this is so sad 'cause a lot of people loves Legion content. So...the question is: Are you doing something for help non-russian people or are you only interested (for now) at Russian population? We see all the big numbers of the population (from 1500 to 2000+) and we would like to have fun with your people. The choice is yours. Goodbye
  6. talosbane


    Excuse me but last week there were about 70 people. How is it possible that there are now 3,700 people? What happened? It is not a provocative question. Excuse me but last week there were about 70 people. How is it possible that there are now 3,700 people? What happened? It is not a provocative question.
  7. talosbane

    Increase gold rates on x100 realm

    Dude, this Server is dead, don't waste your time here. I was here 2-3 months ago and I left from here with my friends. Take this advice. Have a nice day
  8. Hello, https://www.wowhead.com/npc=61160/tiny-harvester can kill you because is not a battle pet but a random NPC level 100, if you attack a mob with every AOE/Cleave spell that is near him this https://www.wowhead.com/npc=61160/tiny-harvester instakill every low character as you can see in screenshot:
  9. talosbane

    Followers activating themselves

    Same problem here ^^'' Please, help us!
  10. talosbane

    Rogue Order Hall: No Scouting Map

    I was able to unlock my Scouting Map kiting Valeera for something like 15-20 minutes (I had 200K life and she had something like 3MLN life). This is defintely not a "normal" solution to the problem.
  11. Hello, this mission https://www.wowhead.com/mission=1218/throwing-si-7-off-the-trail-dalaran is not on the board, there are only missions like: - Throwing SI:7 Off the Trail: Stormheim - Throwing SI:7 Off the Trail: Azsuna - Throwing SI:7 Off the Trail: Highmountain - Throwing SI:7 Off the Trail: Suramar And these missions are repeated over and over again except for Dalaran. Without this mission I can not proceed with my Campaign and I will not able to complete it. Good bye
  12. Hello, it is impossible to complete https://www.wowhead.com/quest=41451/assault-on-hrydshal 'cause there are not any https://www.wowhead.com/npc=113891/harpoon-kill-credit to destroy. Good bye
  13. Hello, it is not possible to complete https://www.wowhead.com/quest=41014/fury-road because there are not any Unrefined Gem to collect for completing quest.
  14. Hello again, there is a level 100 talent that doesn't works Slice and Dice (Wowpedia) (Legion stats) / BFA stats (BFA stats) This is badly 'cause we are talking about one of the last 3 talent for this class. As you can see in screenshots nothing happen to my stats when I using Slice and Dice: I rlly hope that you can fix this soon. Have a nice day
  15. Hello, I have my Artifact Weapon but in my Class Hall I don't have any Scouting Map. I really don't know how I can continue to play with my Rogue, seems like I am in a different phase. Someone can help me? Please?