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  1. Waffuru

    Inscription - Vantus Runes

    Is it possible to know the drop chance?
  2. Waffuru

    Inscription - Vantus Runes

    Inscription recipes - Vantus runes wont drop from EN bosses. Pretty big problem for Inscription mains like myself.
  3. Emerald Nightmare Mythic difficulty - Il'gynoth encounter: -Inconsistent spawnrate of tentacles. Meaning you get really low amount of adds during the fight. -The fight isn't treated like a boss fight, meaning you can ress and run back to the fight. -When the first time Eye of Il'gynoth dies and exposes its heart, while inside you can't attack it by direct attacks, only aoe attacks do damage to it, also while standing outside of the tree, you can target the heart with ranged direct attacks. Here is the full recording of the fight: https://youtu.be/Emdt70KGyZ4
  4. Waffuru

    Herbs spawning too far apart

    The herbs in broken isles spawn way too far apart, it makes profs like alchemy and inscription almost impossible to use for raids due to not enough herbs. I think spawn rate is ok, could be abit higher, but the spawn points in the problem.