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  1. Soulclaw


    i have the same problem...
  2. Soulclaw

    Character Transfer

    but the quest don't start , no quest in new dalaran
  3. Soulclaw

    Character Transfer

    sry i mean the Class Hall quest also don't start
  4. Soulclaw

    Character Transfer

    Hello, the Transfer is done but where i get my artifact weapon? I can't get in the Clas Hall
  5. Soulclaw

    Character Transfer

    Hi, I'm new here. How long it needs for a Character Transfer? I have a 110 Shaman on WOW Freakz. Sorry for the nooby Question...
  6. Soulclaw

    Deutsche Spielergilde

    ist es noch aktuell? bin Neu hier und auch interessiert 🙂
  7. Soulclaw

    Deutsch als Spielsprache?

    jop funktioniert, habe es auch so gemacht gruß
  8. Soulclaw

    Storm, Earth and Fire (High Priority)

    i can confirm, don't work how it should be