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Found 6 results

  1. Hello ! I am having a problem with my Pandaren Mage (Colistin), on the server Argusx100...i completed the arcane and fire questlines to obtain the artifact weapons, and the frost chain quest can't be started in the class hall....on the minimap, i see the quest marker for the first quest ''Finding Ebonchill'', but the NPC in nowhere to be found in the area ; I talked this problem with a moderator from the Legion Bugs section, link to it here : http://tracker.legionbugs.com/view.php?id=11251 (issue #11251) Their response, after proving this fact with screenshots, was this : ''Write to the forum of your server to give you a quest'' (google translation is a bit off, it seems) Is there any way to fix this ? I apologise if I posted this in the wrong section I am attaching some screenshots to prove the problem Best regards and thanks for helping
  2. oculariz

    Artifact "Profane" is bug??

    My artifact weapon "Profane" is bug, I can't raise points on "Fleshsearer" (it's blocked), if I have all the required points. DK PJ: Samurai
  3. migiriboyman

    The Sword of Kings bugg

    Hello. I tried to make my first artifact quest as an arms warrior. But i were bugged. Tryed to retake the quest,relogg,nothing happens. It says that "Deal with Zakajz permanently" but its stuck. Cant reset the 4 tentacles or anything. Its just stuck. The entrance to continue the way is still blocked.
  4. Paimon

    Arms Artifact Warrior

    I cant get the arms artifact weapon for some reason, when I reach the point I dont phase, as u can see in the screenshots. Although I've seen some warriors with the artifact. I already tryed abandoning the quest and re accepting it 2 times, and also I spent like 15 minutes flying around this position but I dont phase.
  5. I finally reached Lv 99 after completing the Broken Shore intro scenario and the first thing I did when reaching Dalaran was attempt to obtain my artifact weapon, [Talonclaw]. I play Survival Hunter so the quest was [The Spear in the Shadow]. I accepted the quest and went to [Helmouth Shallows]. But once the area loaded, my quest stated "0/0 Reclaim Talonclaw (Completed)" and stated my objective was to "- Return to Dalaran". I did using my Dalaran Hearthstone and the objective didn't complete. I tried abandoning and retaking the quest. It happened again. I then realized I was placed into the Broken Shore intro scenario once again instead of the quest scenario. I tried going to the Debug NPC in Dalaran and choosing to skip the intro on my characters, but it happened once again. I also tried inserting the quest's ID to the NPC, which also did not help.
  6. The [Codex of Ra] quest given by Xuen in Kun lai summit at the temple of the white tiger is not working. 0/1 Travel to the Goul-Lal halls is not popping in when you get there It doesn't changes phase to its specific quest phase so theres no quest items or the mobs that you have to kill namely Mogu spirits. I have tried different aproaches but none of them worked. Also theres an option to tell Xuen that you are Ready then he proceeds to get to an arena where then he stays forever and you can't talk to him again.