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Found 14 results

  1. Hello i started to do the build your garrison quests but im stuck. i did part 1, speak with baros to build your garrison( complete) but now i can't turn in my quest - establish your garrison. i can see a ( ? ) in the map but when i go there there is no "ready to turn in caracter" I logged out an in.. i waited 3 days ... i used a trinket to go to timeless isle and then go back to lunafalls... but all did not work. is it bugged? or is there a way to do the quest a different way? hope you can help.. Thanks so much
  2. eddiebecks

    No enemies in Stromgarde Keep?

    Hi everyone, newbie here. played yesterday with a couple of friends on this server (x1/x5 pve) and stumbled upon some issues with the quest lines in Arathi Highlands. Apparently there is no enemy spawn in Stromgarde, the Keep is completely empty, while the rest pf the Arathi still has mobs spwaning (arachnids and raptors). Can't tell if there's something bugged or if it's supposed to be like that because of the server, as I'm a new on WoW and on Arguswow. Thnx in advance
  3. I recently finished the Order Hall Quest for the shaman. It took 6 tries due to some bugs. When I loaded into the order hall quest I could converse with Thrall but then the rest of the quest was bugged. You are supposed to help the shaman around the area, but this did nothing, and sometimes the intractable objects (such as the stone pillar) wouldn't even spawn. After about 6 resets, which included quitting the quest, leaving the area, and waiting 20 minutes for it to reset I noticed what I believe to be the cause of the error. When starting the quest, I would be put into a group, with myself as the only person in the group. I could tell this because I was marked as the raid leader. After leaving the area, leaving the group, then coming back everything worked. I make this post, not to draw criticism, but to help any shaman players who might run into the same issue, as well as the details of fixing it in case anyone is having similar issues in their quest. The forums seem pretty barren, so it seemed like a good idea to post this here then leave anyone new out to dry.
  4. migiriboyman

    The Sword of Kings bugg

    Hello. I tried to make my first artifact quest as an arms warrior. But i were bugged. Tryed to retake the quest,relogg,nothing happens. It says that "Deal with Zakajz permanently" but its stuck. Cant reset the 4 tentacles or anything. Its just stuck. The entrance to continue the way is still blocked.
  5. emmaxxepa

    Quest Blood of my Blood ID 41989

    Please repair quest Blood of my Blood ID 41989! Anarys no appears! Please!
  6. Hi there.. Argusx100 https://www.wowhead.com/quest=41989/blood-of-my-blood After you clicked the grave stone nothing happens..normally anarys lunastre attacks you but he/she doesnt, just waiting there..so you cant finish the questline.. p.s: tried clearing the cache files but it doesnt work.. Can you help tnx..
  7. Hello, the NPC for the quest Lumenstone, called Moira Taurissan is not in the priest class hall. I can't complete the quest and I can't complete the Priest Campaign.
  8. Hello, in the quest ID 43373 The Best and Brightest for the Priest Campaign if I click on the NPC ID 110751 Zabra Hexx nothing happens because he is not petrified, so I can't complete the quest for the campaign. Technically the NPC in Azsuna must be petrified and the Priest need to Dispel him.
  9. Coldrain

    A choice of Allies quest bug

    Hello. This is my first time playing Legion and I'm playing on your realm x100. I'm on the quest chain for the allied races, but I'm also stucked on "A choice of Allies''. The problem is, It doesn't let me choose a race between lightforged draenei and void elf. So I can't complete my quest and go further. Any help will be appreciated. ^^
  10. Yoru

    Ravencrest's Legacy

    Ravencrest's Legacy Experience Ravencrest's Legacy at Black Rook Hold in Val'Sharah. The quest never triggers so the event/scenario never gets started. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=44479/ravencrests-legacy
  11. Yoru

    Destiny Unfulfilled

    Destiny Unfulfilled "Witness True Betrayal in Shadowmoon Valley on the fringes of Outland" This quest never triggers the necessary event that should occur / scenario. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=44481/destiny-unfulfilled
  12. 107806 - Prince Galen Trollbane - Not spawned for Death Knights during the Campaign quest in Stromgarde Keep inside the keep. No phase while on the quest may prevented visibility. https://www.wowhead.com/npc=107806/
  13. zeroupthre

    Soul Beacon

    you click the quest and he is suppose to start a summoning ritual there is plenty of youtube videos to look at an it doesn't work at ll
  14. The [Codex of Ra] quest given by Xuen in Kun lai summit at the temple of the white tiger is not working. 0/1 Travel to the Goul-Lal halls is not popping in when you get there It doesn't changes phase to its specific quest phase so theres no quest items or the mobs that you have to kill namely Mogu spirits. I have tried different aproaches but none of them worked. Also theres an option to tell Xuen that you are Ready then he proceeds to get to an arena where then he stays forever and you can't talk to him again.