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Good day, dear visitors our  forumThis topic for complaints of violations by players

Comprising  a complaint on the sample:

1) Nickname injured person.

2) Nickname of violator.

3) Violation ( say, what violated the player, whose nickname  indicated in paragraph 2).

4) Evidence of violation ( Screenshots/Video).


Be attentive:

1) Chat on screenshot must be on  translucent background (i.e textures should be visible outside the chat).

2)  Screenshot must be a normal size so that it can be  considered violations proof.

3) Copy the name of screenshot . It will be looking like that  "WoWScrnShot_050114_181747"

4) Screenshots shouldn't be edited. Any making marks, cutting screenshots, etc. will lead to the refusal of the complaint.


Attention! Posts that are not in the form will be deleted.

Remember, we have 72 hours for application consideration

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